Vania Schoemberner - Holiday and entertainment for children aged 0 to 17 (São Paulo, SP)

Vania began three years ago making monthly trips to Shelter Sun and Life, after realizing that the children there had few opportunities to go out, especially on tours different from going to the small square and the park nearby.

Every month she started taking with her one or two children to spend a different Saturday going to the theater, zoo, museums, little farms, movies etc. Soon she realized that it was not enough, because during the school holidays they were becoming very idle in the Shelter.

In July she made a kitty to hire buses and buy tickets so that they could all together made a holiday tour. Money itself was not enough for the action, after all there were 20 children and 3 educators in the shelter, that’s why she also began to mobilize friends to go there to help voluntarily on the touring days to look after and entertain the children.

She then noted the need for school supplies. In winter there is a lack of warm clothes and always at the beginning of the year they need a lot of backpacks and school supplies for everybody. So she organizes two campaigns per year to raise donations of theseitems.

Today Vania keeps making monthly tours, organizes holiday events and donations of materials and clothes, completely independent.